Please join the Little Steel Derby Girls at Vintage Estate Wine & Beer Saturday June 8, 2019 from 1-4pm for a BEER TASTING at their Diamond Bar.  You will be fed their house made delicious flatbreads, hummus & soft pretzel while you enjoy all the tastes they have to offer.  Tickets are $40.  You will receive 4 tickets upon arrival and a bracelet for food.  You may use your tickets as follows.  Just want to drink, feel free to order one full sized beer per ticket.  Want to participate in the beer tasting?  1 ticket gets you 3 or 4 beer tastes.  Ex: 12oz=3 tastes, 16oz=4 tastes!  Aside from the tasting event, we will also be having a meet & greet for people interested in joining the team.  Meet the skaters, meet the coaches, meet the officials, meet the volunteers or BECOME one!